No country for old men

Prof. Tim Anderson writes on Global Research. Truth is the one thing that is missing and so elusive because so few are looking for it.

A brief and beautiful story from real life –
An old man who will never call himself a refugee, goes out everyday. He goes to the mosque,  occassionally he meets up with ‘friends’, other older men who, like him, are estranged from their home.

They lost their homes and so many of their family because of a war some say is about rebels, a 2nd generation dictator and a bunch of head rolling fundamentalist fun haters. Others, say it’s a planned precursor to WW3, a preliminary for the big bash with Iran and Moscow, a hot cold war.

The old men meet and talk. Some of them, outsiders would call moderate rebels, others, if opportunity came, would vote in Assad without a second thought. They have more in common than in dispute – all want to go home. None want this war. None want Salafists in control. None want outside interference.

All believe their countrymen are dying because this is a war where outside interests want to see the country split apart.

None talk politics, they know better. Others are talking and those others know nothing.

The old men happily share the company of countrymen who have lost their country, they share a coffee and a smoke. They share sadness for these times, they share loss of good times past, they share hope for a future they will have a say in.

They all just want to go home.