Did Wall Street Banks Create the Oil Crash?


They’re still playing big games.

Wall Street mega banks are able to leverage their oil trades in the futures market by a factor of 95 to 1 or greater. Typically, margin of 5 percent or less is required of large oil speculators on the major commodity futures exchanges. If you know the direction of prices, you can make a killing using very little of your own firm’s capital. And if you also own the physical commodities, you can call yourself a bona fide hedger and avoid rules meant to rein in risky or manipulative trading.”

Rabbis deny 1 in 10 Jews the right to marry in Israel | Jonathan Cook: the View from Nazareth

Another repost from Jonathan Cook.

One in 10 Israeli Jews cannot marry legally in their own country, Israeli
legislators heard last week, as Israel’s religious authorities face a growing backlash against their wide-ranging powers.

The figures include 364,000
immigrants from the former Soviet Union whose Jewishness is not officially recognised. Critics says Israel’s marriage policies compare with those of Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan.

Wonder if they get to vote.


All five bright planets come together in the morning sky


I often rise before the sun. Stare at the sky and disapear into the cosmos and warmed by the fact there is little evidence of earthing activity beyond the stratosphere.


It was awesome this morning. Rolling white clouds with glimses of sky. Tesla bolts of lightening, spce junk trails that we used to wish on and the occasional loan bat heading home after a night on the town.

A post today on our skies for anyone who would like to check the unusual planet alignments.

The 62 Richest People On Earth Now Hold As Much Wealth As The Poorest 3.5 Billion


I was reading this when a pop-up ad appeared for OXFAM that said education is the answer for the world’s poorest people.

Back to my roots.

Been reading Edward Said. Culture and Imperialism. And his brilliant work The Politics of Dispossession.
Back to Paulo Frieri and the Pedagogy of the Oppressed.

Educate the ‘educated’, where is the leadership? Hiding in the arm of the neo-liberal tool of the ultra rich and powerful.
“The oppressor elaborates his theory of action without the people, for he stands against them. Nor can the people- as long as they are crushed and oppressed, internalising the image of the oppressor- construct by themseves the theory of their liberating action. Only in the encounter of the people with revolutionary leaders – in their communion, in their praxis- can this theory be built.”

The mass consumption era and the rise of neo-liberalism | Bill Mitchell – billy blog


Bill Mitchell is a living Australian treasure. Read, read and read some more. This man makes sense of paradox and pain.

Now I just need time to reflect on why, what he says makes me feel better.

I hope its not because, like a victim of rape, I have just had my feelings  explained as symptoms and my symptoms explained under a syndrome.

But it does all make sense.

I hope it’s not because that will mean we really have (all but the 1% ers) been fucked over by the rapist neo- liberalism.

I just thought I was having a nightmare. It did happen. Now I have to try to do something to heal. Better play some reggae!