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War on Yemen:
Spoils of War and warning ….
the post has disturbing photo’s of death and devastation caused by war. Repost from wordpress

U.S. and United Arab Emirates are plotting to occupy Bab al-Mandeb strait and Socotra… –

Just thinking,


didn’t Bush the father and Cheney the criminal, go to war (Desert Storm launched 1990) because Saddam moved to annex Kuwait (where 4200 Kuwaitis reportedly died and 10,000 were captured Wiki) but Saddam had supposed designs on ‘the whole middle east’ and in particular Saudiville (ol’ domino argument).

The ongoing Saudi assaults on Yemen (Operation Decisive Storm sounds vaguely familiar followed by Operation Restoring Hope also sounds vaguely familiar) ..

…..have claimed the lives of 8,278 people, including 2,236 children, and left 16,015 others injured.

Which juggernaut has global designs?

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