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Cant help but see Toe knee Bleah as Fotherington Thomas….Apologies to Geoffrey Willans and Ronald Searle but maybe I’m too generous. To quote Willans
“a chiz is a swiz or swindle as any fule kno.” from  “Down with Skool!” (1953). (The Compleet Molesworth, Pavilion Books, 1985, p. 8)

Bleah is a chizer and a warkrim. Why would we give him the time of day?

Thanks Jonathon, this bit is right on point…
……….. The “question of electability” becomes marginal once you start to believe that the difference between a Republican and a Democrat, between a George W Bush and a Barack Obama – or between a Conservative and a Labour leader, between a David Cameron and a Tony Blair – is so small as to make no difference to you. If you start to believe that these leaders are actually just the placemen of corporate interests, that they are all beholden to those who wield power rather than to their voters, then the “question of electability” becomes far less important than the question of independence and authenticity.

That is the wave Sanders, Corbyn and Trump are riding. They may fail this time, but there will be more like them coming along – good and bad alike.

And who do we have to thank for this state of affairs? The Tony Blairs and Bill and Hillary Clintons who showed that the so-called “strong, centrist progressive position” was all so much baloney. Oh, and, of course, their media lapdogs, who did so little to hold them to account.

CSIRO climate cuts will trash a decade of hard work with the Bureau of Meteorology and universities

Will they listen?
Sincerely doubt it.
2 links below from today’s ‘The Conversation’


GBR Coral reef’s exposure to global ocean acidification, green reefs have some protection, white are neutral and red are already exposed. CSIRO




Russia Sells Out Syria – Opens Syrian Kurdistan NGO Offices in Moscow as Balkinization Process Begins | American Everyman


Watched Rebel Music last night. Its a great series on SBS. Last night was on Egypts street demonstrations when the Morsi govt was ousted. The machinations at the top alongside power motives are most interesting and slogans like ‘the army and the people are one’ demand a more contextual analysis.

Scotts article may concern some lefties but makes good sense. Power still corrupts and absolute power absolutely.

We now have deals in Oz power circles about powers of media ownership rules and small party senate positions. We need to get to the real motives.

When things get too complex too quickly people go back to what they know. Family and survival. Stay wise.