Super Tuesday: Racist Homophobic Zombies are Why We Can’t Have Nice Things (hows that for clickbait?) | American Everyman

You just have to read Scott Crieghton’s post…a wee taste then check it yourself.

“Donald Trump’s victories reflect a growing dissatisfaction with politics as usual, the stagnant economy and the lurid idol worship of the wealthy we have been conditioned to accept as our new religion. So yeah, some white supremacists harbor similar feelings and yeah, The Donald is all about backing Israel (like they all do, even “The Bern”) and thus, hating on all things Muslim while teaching his following to love the one true God, Mammon. So what else is new? Do open borders fuck the working classes everywhere they are installed? Yes. Ross Perot said that 40 FUCKING YEARS AGO. That’s called “flexible work-forces” and it’s a standard part of neoliberal economics and in case you haven’t noticed, even Killary is trying to distance herself from NAFTA these days and the TPP (which she really sees as the “gold standard” of job crushing globalist corporatism bills of rights, but more on her later) so what’s his real sin with regard to illegal immigration (yes, such a thing does exist)? The “Wall”? Anyone in the MSM say Israel’s wall is racist? Oh God NO!! Don’t say that you anti-Semite you!”….

Enjoy because there has to be some sanity somewhere. 😨


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