The One Sentence Summary of the Panama Papers : The Corbett Report

An interesting take on the Panama leak.

I had to really think about why I cared at all about this twist in knowing everything about the way money moved around and the globalist interest in all of this.

Then I found a simple reason that made sense to me.

Imagine this.

You are an x refugee (that in itself seems a tautology)in 2007 you send money to help your family, you’re doing ok and you show them you care.

Again in 2012, long before we were landed with the terror act, as a citizen of your adoptive country you send your family money to help them escape their now war torn country following the sniper murder of your brother.

You finally get your whole family out in 2014.

Then, in 2015 you save enough to visit them in a transit country.

At the airport, as a citizen with your adoptive country passport, you breathe easy because for once you feel you can cross these arbitrary borders with impunity as a western citizen.

You were wrong.

You are taken aside by customs.

You dont look western.

You look Arab.

You are detained long enough to miss your flight. Long enough to have to pay again for your flight. Forget insurance.

Forget govt recompense,  we are talking the security of a nation here.
The Feds are called in. Nice enough guys, friendlier than customs and immigration. “Hows it going mate?”.
They want to know about your minimal transactions why did you send money ….not just in 2012 but in 2007. Hard earned cash sent to help refugeezus what is going on!!

They already know all this shit. Its legal and it has nothing to do with Panama. International transactions have been going via NY US of A since Bush’s (bullshit reason) War in Iraq post 9-11. They know.

Dont tell me the info in these papers is news to anyone. Greedy people are corrupt. Greedy people are  those in power. Does anyone trust greedy people?

I ask you did anyone talk about this ‘revelation’ at work yesterday? No surprises, ‘business’ as usual.