So how’s this for hypocracy


Here I am having just posted the previous blog, feeling odd to say the least… the building central to the political landscape of bluff in the Northern Territory.

I’m about to attend a seminar- Know your Assembly. (I know, who cares?)

The view from the upstairs balcony must be magnificent in what can only be described as a building that echos the arrogance of the British Raj.

The view from the ‘tea garden’


The extremely noisy leaf blower that disturbs my tranquil meditation on futility and proves my point perfectly.


Life is full of contradictions and anomolies. Laugh while you can, question while you still have a voice and remember no-one has all the answers.

One Forgotten Document Casts Embarrassing Light on Krugman’s “Sanders Over the Edge” Column

Pam Martens articles are continuously so clear so obvious so worth reading.

When is an intentional false meme  blatant propaganda? When is propaganda hasbara?

When is it clear democracy is a lie and voting in the corrupt system that is the US election circus of wealth influence power and money is akin to stabbing yourself in the heart.


The poor will join the military,

Peoples who cant pronounce hegemony will understand its reality and be slaughtered in fake civil wars,

The filthy rich will be looked after by daddy,

The pollies will do platinum lined speaking tours,

Zionist media barons will reign,

While the rest of us will try to make ends meet and wonder where it all went wrong.

No matter how much Pam supports Sanders, he wont happen.

Killary, ‘we came we saw he died’ Clinton and her party of Wall Street coke snorting, nose rubbing, zionist friends will privately party with the Sauds as they pay criminals, mercenaries and Chechens blood money to bring it all on.

Never has the slogan:


meant so much.