Aboriginal deaths in custody- 25 years on


This makes me angry.
Talk talk talk…..I see the double standards everyday in small ways, in big ways – it’s all still racism.
Paperless arrests, paddy vans, Gurrumul in RDH, housing and ghetto building.

The Aboriginal Deaths in Custody report of 25 years ago was buried soon after it was released. I watched it die. It needs a will within every bureaucracy at the top to push the recommendations for their departments -it is an agenda beyond the politics.
The Royal Commision report should remain a living document that informs policy until there is no reason to continue because the rates of incarceration and death in incarceration continue to read like a litany of despair.

Governments, Ministers Senior bureaucrats should lead on the issues and recommendations until the job is done. We have to hold them accountable for them to have a will and a commitment to bring the changes about that the fine commission of 1991 recommended.