Lets compare: Journalistic ‘rights’ in a MSM ‘money talks’ world.



Israeli soldiers detain Palestinian photojournalist Nasser Shiyuki in 2010. (AFP/File)

The story is so different for MSM channel 9…….


Channel 9 60 Minutes journalist Tara Brown outside a Lebanese court following failed abduction attempt of children of Ms Faulkner from Lebanon.

Ms Brown recently played down confronting photos of her and Ms Faulkner being pushed into a car outside a Lebanese court.
The pair said they burst out laughing seconds after being bundled into a police car.
“It looked much worse than it was,” Ms Brown said from inside the Baabda women’s prison.
“They were trying to protect me from the cameras, it might have been easier for me to turn my head.”
Yahoo7 News April 21st 2016.

News? What news? Real journalism vs. Checkbook journalism