Rise in Palestinian children held by Israel ‘alarming’ | Jonathan Cook: the View from Nazareth


Another penetrating post from Jonathan Cook.

Torturing children is no problem for IOF.

Israel is the only country in the world, according to DCIP, that “systematically prosecutes between 500 and 700 children in military courts each year”……..

……During the arrest process, 86 percent of children reported being blindfolded; 70 percent said they were strip-searched, in some cases many times; and 84 percent were not informed of their rights. During interrogation, 29 percent of children said they were subjected to verbal abuse and intimidation, including threats of physical or sexual assault or arrest of family members.

Some 28 percent reported “position abuse” – usually being bound to a low chair to cause great discomfort. A similar number said they had been physically abused, usually slapped, kicked or pushed. A smaller number reported being choked, punched or having their head hit against a wall.

I guess that’s why the Israeli Occupying force are promoted as such heros of Israel.