Silencing America as It Prepares for War

John Pilger quotes Harol Pinter drawing us to the uncanny resemblance our experience of the neo-liberals in charge and in paticular to the US experience of today…

The breathtaking record of perfidy is so mutated in the public mind, wrote the late Harold Pinter, that it “never happened …Nothing ever happened. Even while it was happening it wasn’t happening. It didn’t matter. It was of no interest. It didn’t matter … “. Pinter expressed a mock admiration for what he called “a quite clinical manipulation of power worldwide while masquerading as a force for universal good. It’s a brilliant, even witty, highly successful act of hypnosis.”

And on the Trump Clinton travelling roadshow that calls itself democracy in action he says this-

On Clinton
Clinton, the “women’s candidate”, leaves a trail of bloody coups: in Honduras, in Libya (plus the murder of the Libyan president) and Ukraine. The latter is now a CIA theme park swarming with Nazis and the frontline of a beckoning war with Russia. It was through Ukraine – literally, borderland — that Hitler’s Nazis invaded the Soviet Union, which lost 27 million people. This epic catastrophe remains a presence in Russia. Clinton’s presidential campaign has received money from all but one of the world’s ten biggest arms companies. No other candidate comes close.

On Trump
The hysteria in the liberal media over Trump serves an illusion of “free and open debate” and “democracy at work”. His views on immigrants and Muslims are grotesque….

On Obama

….yet the deporter-in-chief  of vulnerable people from America is not Trump but Obama, whose betrayal of people of colour is his legacy: such as the warehousing of a mostly black prison population, now more numerous than Stalin’s gulag.

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Australia’s volcanic history is a lot more recent than you think


The incredible Blue Lake at Mount Gambier fills one of the craters from the last volcanic eruption just 5,000 years ago. ian woolcock from

Facinating article for anyone who things we are so old we can’t erupt!

“Ignore Palestine At Your Peril”

Institute for Palestine Studies Senior Fellow Mouin Rabbani spoke to Palestine Square on developments on the ground in Palestine after his recent trip to the West Bank and Jerusalem.

The Palestine question is not going to go away as a major regional and international issue. It is a cause which has maintained an existential hold on Arab identity. It is in my view also only a matter of time before the international community is compelled to focus on Palestine once again. It’s important to stress that this is not a particularly comforting prognosis if you go to some obscure village in the Hebron region which is being literally crushed under the weight of Israeli bulldozers and settler violence and  reassure these people “I’m sure your issue will return to the regional and international agenda.”

Why does the truth about the war create a conflict between us and the Crimean Tatars? Part 2 |

The KP [Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda – trans.] commentator Galina Sapozhnikova went to the Crimea to see why the premiere of the film about Stalin’s deportations turned into a political scandal in Simferopol.

This is a read that twists and turns like a humans at war…..survival or ?

” Life or death? Stomach or betrayal? Not that it is strange but the fact that discussing the aftermath of the war, for some reason, everyone has completely forgotten about its causes. The fact that, if there have been no war, no one would have been forced to make such a hellish choice. No one would have starved, no one would have forced anyone to serve in the police, no one would been deported. And almost 70 years after no one would be seeking answers to the question: “Why?”

My own father was in the British Navy he used to call me a Tatar  meaning ‘tricky deceiver’. To me, when we talk to our elderly we always learn another story and those who went away have a different tale from those left behind.


Great post
Cultural erasure is assimilation, is memory hole is everywhere….we need to recognise its face and call it wherever it permeates. Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait peoples know this only too well, Where is Ayers Rock?

And on Nakba remember Palestine.

#PalestineCentre is running tweets today that list every depopulated obliterated and renamed village by their original names. Remembering the Israeli offensive 1948. Includes the number of original Palestinian inhabitants #nakba

It continues