Why does the truth about the war create a conflict between us and the Crimean Tatars? Part 2 | SLAVYANGRAD.org


The KP [Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda – trans.] commentator Galina Sapozhnikova went to the Crimea to see why the premiere of the film about Stalin’s deportations turned into a political scandal in Simferopol.

This is a read that twists and turns like a humans at war…..survival or ?

” Life or death? Stomach or betrayal? Not that it is strange but the fact that discussing the aftermath of the war, for some reason, everyone has completely forgotten about its causes. The fact that, if there have been no war, no one would have been forced to make such a hellish choice. No one would have starved, no one would have forced anyone to serve in the police, no one would been deported. And almost 70 years after no one would be seeking answers to the question: “Why?”

My own father was in the British Navy he used to call me a Tatar  meaning ‘tricky deceiver’. To me, when we talk to our elderly we always learn another story and those who went away have a different tale from those left behind.