The War on Weed Is Winding Down – But Will Monsanto Be the Winner? by Ellen Brown | Dandelion Salad

The comment is great too. Here’s a piece of it…
We have indeed entered into the Age of Infantile Madness. The greatest threat to the biodynamic dance of Earth-life is us ~ we precocious and fearfully-driven earthlings, who presume to know all the answers to questions that we do not even have the wit to frame, let alone evaluate coherently and creatively.

Maybe if we reminded ourselves how to dance more freely; to celebrate existence just as natural intelligence intended, we’d have a better chance of dispelling those life-throttling incubi of hate and perverse ignorance than dominate the current climates of corporatized thought.

Well said Mr David Llewelyn Foster! (with a facebook page that I wont check because I continue to stay away since the boycott and now not recognised by them…yay!
Come to think of it is that false hope.. are fb tricking me or tracking me or am I just being ridiculous.
Is this some kind of yandi initiated stream of consciousness, or early onset geriatric paranoia?…)