Former Turkish Airforce chief denies Coup Role

In contradiction of reports of an alleged confession carried by a state-run news agency.


Darwin hosts war games with Turkish airforce

With the airforce Exercise Pitch Black upon us in Darwin again, serious question arise about our ‘special relationship’ with the US. In 2014 we hosted among other Nations, the UAE , whose pilots promptly went to Libya to secretly bomb from the air.
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This year among other nations we (the US) have invited Turkey to our Pitch Black exercise. With the situation occuring in Turkey over the last few days, I wonder what this will mean.

The General in charge of Turkeys airforce in 2014 is now deamed a coup leader and is to be tried for treason.

Haartz report today states Turkish Air Force General Akin Ozturk who was arrested on Saturday served as military attaché to Israel 1998 -2000 and later as commander of Turkey’s air force.The 64-year-old military figure stepped down as air force commander last year, but continued to serve on Turkey’s Supreme Military Council.

In another report (yeah I know its the Telegraph but where else do you read the MSM line) we read that… “The rebel army faction – who called themselves the Peace Council and denounced Mr Erdogan’s increasingly non-secular and autocratic approach – said they were trying to overthrow the government to “protect human rights”.

Where have we heard that before?

Wait for it…. John Kerry has something to say about claims of US involvement…..
Kerry called Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu for a second day running to promise US support in probing the putshe like assistance to Turkish authorities conducting this investigation adding… “public insinuations or claims about any role by the United States in the failed coup attempt are utterly false and harmful to our bilateral relations,”

Earlier, Turkey’s labour minister Suleyman Soylu had reportedly suggested the United States was behind the revolt, which triggered fighting that left at least 265 dead.

The United States was quick to denounce the military revolt in its NATO ally Turkey and to express support for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s elected government.

But some Turkish officials have reportedly suggested the United States was covertly sympathetic to the rogue military officers, a claim Kerry angrily denied.”

So where to from here in Pitch Black, (a descriptor of the nature of where we stand blindly receiving no real information about the real nature of these displays of military prowess and wasted public money in these war games?)

The NT see it as a tourist attraction! We get in free! 💃

“Exercise Pitch Black 2016 is a three week multi-national large force employment exercise conducted from RAAF Base Darwin and RAAF Base Tindal from 29 July to 19 August 2016. Nations represented will include: Australia, Canada, France (New Caledonia), Germany, Indonesia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey and the United States.

Oh yeah, are we still hosting the Turkish airforce?

Citigroup Has More Derivatives than 4,701 U.S. Banks Combined; After Blowing Itself Up With Derivatives in 2008

How do they get away with this?

Since 2008 crash….”77 percent of all U.S. banks found zero reason to engage in high-risk derivative trading.

Citigroup, however, the bank that spectacularly blew itself up with toxic derivatives and subprime debt in 2008, became a 99-cent stock during the crisis, and received the largest taxpayer bailout in U.S. financial history despite being insolvent at the time, today holds more derivatives than 4,701 other banks combined which are backstopped by the taxpayer.”……

So Bernie will ‘surrender’ the reins for the “siren call for the political revolution……… to the Clinton Wing of the Democratic Party — otherwise known as the Wall Street Banksters.”

Fahrenheit 451

All Things Romania

If you’ve been a fan of this site for a long time, you know that I call my former town of Cluj-Napoca Unicorn City.

Here is yet more proof of why it keeps on deserving that nickname:

Cluj-Napoca’s Avram Iancu International Airport is the first airport in Romania that hosts a free library. The library, which was opened on Thursday, June 30, and offers tens of volumes in Romania, English, and French which the passengers can read while waiting for their flights.

Obviously it’s pretty cool that there’s now a free library in the airport. They say it’s for passengers who are waiting for a flight but I imagine that it’ll be extra handy for people like me who spent a lot of time waiting around for flights to arrive.

So what’s wrong with something as cool as a free library in the airport?

Well, first of all, Romania…

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Australian election outcome resonates with the Brexit dynamics | Bill Mitchell – billy blog

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