Implausible Deniability

Great post by Sam Cel Roman

All Things Romania

The fact that the CIA has had secret jail and torture rooms in Romania is not new information. But my email has been blowing up of late on the subject because now there’s new specific information on exactly where one of those torture cells was in Romania. And it turns out it was in downtown (Sector 1) Bucharest.

From CBS News, quoting from the AP:

Unlike the CIA’s facility in Lithuania’s countryside or the one hidden in a Polish military installation, the CIA’s prison in Romania was not in a remote location. It was hidden in plain sight, a couple blocks off a major boulevard on a street lined with trees and homes, along busy train tracks.

Click on the link to see a photo of the building, which is indeed ORNISS or the Orwellian named “Oficiul Registrului National al Informatiilor Secrete de Stat”. Their website helpfully lists their…

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