Dribble on

I made 500 posts last week in just over 2 years.
I suppose I should be chuffed.


Colliding black holes from I dont know where so no reference, sorry. SED.

So many were reblogs of other people’s hard work.I am feeling a little like a cheat. But I am happy to share and the posts I have shared say what I have been thinking, often in a more erudite way than I could ever have at the time.

When I started to blog I was unemployed. A victim of lazy bureaucrats who thought more of themselves, their ‘careers’ and incomes than they did about those they were engaged to serve. A government changed and the usual freeze on the PS was predictable. The capacity to see ahead was there but the will to be proactive was not.

I embraced the challenge because that is what I do. I took up blogging and worked away digging in the shadows. I like shadows. I like asking questions those around me only fear the answers for. They fear  ‘there is no answer’ or ‘the answer is not what they want to hear’. I have found a vibrant space in blogging where fears are confronted.




I am not ‘followed’ by many and rarely ‘liked’. Perhaps because people are disinterested in the subjects. Perhaps because my approach has not been to gain a broad following. No matter, that was not my intent. I took it on because I could and blogging became an outlet for my feelings of disenchantment, anomie and alienation in a world that had always seemed a little unreal.


I had a year of sucking my super and watching my extended family of Palestinians suffer the pains of a proxy war for all things associated with the hegemony of Capital and a vile neo-liberal Western agenda.

Super gone and the family now spread across the globe, (while we quibble about which lesser of two weavils we want in our two party system) I gained a sense of how different and how strangely similar disparate lives can be.

I at least have work now and can support them in exile. I am thankful that they are still (mostly) alive. I have learned some valuable life lessons- patience and tolerance being foremost. Ego has given more space to humility and I like that.

I blogged less when I went back to work and the time for research became more limited. My email was hacked and I started to use my mobile. Not a good blog tool. Tap tap one finger on a tiny keyboard – unsatisfactory. I lost my access to some ‘blogs I follow’ – no inbox notifications. I had less time to read.

I am thankful that across the globe people ( whoever they are) from places I would love to visit, have visited me….nice, you’re most welcome lets share more.

I now tweet. Fun for a while and another barrier crossed. @whosunktheboat

Still learning.
But that’s my reason for being.

My attempt at writing a book of real life shorts embedded in a sci fi novella remains a work in process.

Hats off to Gerard
https://oosterman.wordpress.com my most ardent supporter. His prose is a joy and he has now been given cudos through being published. Quite an achievement. You rule Gerard!

I think my strongest point is perseverence I will finish my book. Who better to teach me that than long suffering Palestinians – occupied, bombed and living in the diaspora. Each with their own daily trials, connected by struggle, ever resilient and individually as diverse as any aspect of the human family.


Nusrats in Yarmouk Damascus.

To those my husband calls his ‘cousins’, I will not stop calling out the dispicable racism of Zionism and the tyranical  war mongering occupiers of the Israeli government in Palestine. To those brave outspoken ‘cousins’ who speak out about the oppression of Palestinians – your shame is our hope.

The US will take a back seat for a while in my blogs as I cant stand the bullshit.


Brexit is also boring.


Ra ra Australia…So today we are well hung in Oz. I can say nothing more than size does not matter and its the quality of the interaction that counts. What’s more, I much prefer the antics of a bunch of elected individuals who have to learn to collaborate to achieve, to consult and entertain participatory policy development to the bullying tactics inherent in overwhelming majority rule.

Special congrats to the first Aboriginal female pollie in the Reps Linda Burney. Showing grace in a land of charletans.

Anarchism is so very attractive.


However, I was compelled to vote.I am a traitor.

Solomon now has a new member (bye Natasha Grug- remember her holding hands with Ah Butt?) My favourite bellweather Eden-Monaro has gone from the vile Landy but we’re still on our toes cos neo-liberalism is a force to be reckoned with…..and having served in the army is seen as an attribute. Welcome to the next nightmare we have to confront.

Its a brand new day. The wet season has finally gone. Its cool in the morning and I can open my back door and feel alive.


I need a smoke and cuppa and to work from a laptop!