Urge Obama to grant clemency for Leonard Peltier


How Leonard Peltier has unjustly spent forty years in prison — and why it’s time to change that


The above links provide background to my letter to Obama. May be a waste of time to ask but I can say that I have again tried to do my tiny part to turn around this disgraceful miscarriage of justice propogated by the state against an indigenous citizen of the US.

Some might think I should focus at home and do more for our own Aboriginal and Torres Strait peoples. In answer to that legitimate call. I act on this daily, as a non-indigenous migrant to their country, often to the point where inclusion of recognition of first peoples or acknowledement of their disproportionate numbers in ‘care’ or detention has me derided as including ‘party political broadcast’ in my written work.

Back to Leonard Peltier…

My e-mail 

I am writing to urge you to grant Leonard Peltier’s application for clemency on humanitarian grounds and in the interests of truth.

Leonard Peltier was convicted of a serious crime about which legitimate questions exist about the evidence on which the trial was based and the fairness of the proceedings that led to Leonard Peltier’s trial and conviction. Parole examiners have thus far failed to take account of the mitigating factors in the case.

Some concerns include;

1. Coercion of an alleged eye-witness who said she had seen Leonard Peltier shoot the agents who later retracted her testimony, and was not allowed by the court to be called as a defense witness at his trial. 

2. Voracity of evidence linking Leonard Peltier to the shootings

3. Prosecution’s withholding of evidence that might have assisted Leonard Peltier’s defense, including potentially key ballistics evidence.

Given the above and that all available hroutes for real justice have been exhausted and that; 

       *Leonard Peltier’s next parole hearing is scheduled for  2024;

       * Leonard Peltier has spent 40 years in prison

 Justice would best be served by releasing Leonard Peltier from prison.

I am also very concerned by reports of Leonard Peltier’s deteriorating health. I urge you to ensure that he is given access to appropriate medical treatment and is moved to a facility that can address his medical needs as a matter of urgency until he is granted release.

Something I personally wish to add is that the existance of a Mr X who has apparently admitted the crime but not to relevant authorities provides a most possible claim of events. This man in the vehicle likely sighted by the two murdered agants may well now be deceased. I also assume past FBI agents will not now come forward with contrary details to the Peltier prosecution. 

What does your heart say about this? You have a chance to be a better man than Clinton who denied Leonard Peltier the fclemency he deserves. Do the principles you hold allow you to be truly just in your final days as President of the leader of not only your country but of a world that believes truth should prevail?

Please reconsider a Presidential Clemency for Leonard Peltier.