Liberal Elites Are Determined Their Base Learn NOTHING from this Loss – I Want the Left to See it. Please just See it

Can’t erase Scott’s memory….context is everything.

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

Liberal Americans of the real left are rejecting the corporatist neo-liberalism of the republican Democratic Party and their elite apologists don’t want them to know it.

So why did Donald Trump win the other night? It’s a good question. The KKK? Vladamir Putin? The monstrous “uneducated white male voter”?

The answer is simple. It stares you in the face like the bitter truth of a junkie’s own reflection in a pawn shop window at 8am. It is unavoidable and painfully clear yet you can’t admit it no matter how obvious it is so yo look away.

Donald Trump is going to be your president (accept it or not) because the Democratic Party is rife with cronyism, corporatism and corruption and they simply don’t care enough to fix it. They have become an extension of the establishment Republican Party and they did that by design starting with Bill…

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