Bio: An experienced somewhat jaded Social Worker committed to the principals of social justice. An anthropology masters in international participatory development supports my interest in human nature, celebrating cultural difference, improving responses to complex problems, and in not imposing predominantly western ways of thinking or doing on others with different ways to approach things. I see Palestine and the trials of Palestinians as a living suffering metaphor for abuse of power, promotion of lies and ignorance as a weapon that maintains this power. Similarly the use of a black hole where knowledge and information disappears is regularly used to obliterate truth in history. The situation of Australian Aboriginal peoples sits equally as a deep shame on humanity and that we have attempted with some success to eradicate over 50,000 years of their living culture.

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  1. Sedwith-
    Thanks for the reply to my post of 2011. I’d long stopped wondering if anyone read it as there had been no responses. Your note encourages me, albeit late, to write more or again. I’ve subscribed to your blog since I find your socio-political philosophy parallels my own. Thanks. Ron P.


  2. Sedwith,
    Our Grand Jury is similar to what you describe as a commital hearing. Charges can be brought directly by a prosecuting attorney, but the Grand Jury is also a part of our judicial system. I’m not surprised to learn that this kind of prosecutorial power has been abandoned in many countries. Yes, our USA system is something of a mess. But the article about Obama filing charges is a fake website, see: http://www.snopes.com/media/notnews/obamaferguson.asp
    Good to hear from you again, thanks for your response.


  3. I read your profile and found the statement “committed to the principals of social justice” interesting. Are you familiar with Henry George?

    You touch on the Palestinian / Israel problem. I think, all the present Middle East problems go back to founding of Israel on Palestinian soil.

    I too noticed that your field is anthropology. Are you familiar with the work of Robert Ardrey and his “Amity / Enmity Complex”?

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    • Not ‘familiar’ with the the work of either but know of them. George as an economist but maybe thats unfair and the importance he put on land and equity in tax but not much more….the amity/emnity thing a your tribe/my tribe concept. Something to be said for both particularly regarding the history of colonisation. Will read more, you’ve encouraged me!

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