Adani and the Wangan and Jagalingou people

Adani the transnational mining company states on it’s site….
The Adani Group is an integrated business employing about 9,000 people across its operations, whichspan several countries. We are a young and dynamic organisation with trust, courage and innovation at the core of our values.
Companies like this sprout shit. They talk of trust….they speak about indiginous ‘participation’. Bollocks!
Then they say…
We respect the traditional owners of the land

Adani has always positively engaged with traditional owners and has come to agreements with all relevant groups regarding Cultural Heritage and has signed Cultural Heritage Management Plans  with all relevant groups.

It has always been Adani’s policy to reach mutual agreement with all groups and sign Indigenous land Use Agreements (ILUA) that cover the Adani Mine, Rail and Port projects. Negotiations have resulted in two ILUAs signed, two with agreements in Principle reached and we will always continue to work constructively with indigenous stakeholders.


It’s Adrian Burragubba here. I’m writing to you again because we need your help. 

After I first wrote to you and others, were overwhelmed by the response. To know Wangan and Jagalingou people that more than 90,000 people have chosen to stand with us as we fight to protect our land and our culture from Adani has given us real strength and confidence. On behalf of Wangan and Jagalingou people who are opposed to this mine, we sincerely thank you. 

But Adani is playing dirty, and the fight is even bigger than we expected. 

we rejected Adani’s offer to exploit our land they took aggressive legal action to overrule our rights just six days later. Now we have to fight to protect our land in court. 

They have betrayed our trust and are getting set to destroy our land and our culture. You’ve pledged your support, but now I’m going to have to ask you, if you can, to help me again. 

We face losing everything that is our inheritance. But to mount this fight to protect our heritage, we need more than our conviction and courage. We desperately need funds to mount a legal challangeand appeal against Adani’s action. Can you please make a donation so we can fight Adani in court? 

Adani is trying everything, and from the beginning have shown their arrogant, disrespectful treatment of our law and customs. They have misrepresented us, and they have betrayed us. They have now taken action to remove our rights through a legal system designed to favour big mining over the rights of Indigenous peoples. It seems they’ll stop at nothing to get their mine, which will destroy our ancestral land and the underpinnings of our lore and culture. 

If we can raise enough money, we will appeal the National Native Title Tribunal’s decision to allow the Queensland Government to issue mining leases to Adani, despite our refusal to enter an agreement with the company. The Tribunal even recognised that we have not given our consent or agreement to the mine, but still overruled our internationally recognised rights in favour of Adani. 

The Tribunal has sanctioned the destruction of our ancestral lands and cultural heritage on the grounds that it’s in the ‘public interest’. We will contest the idea that building one of the world’s largest coalmines is good for the people and the country. 

Our right to self-determination and free, prior, and informed consent is being trampled. 

We have to fight back, but we can only do it with the help of our supporters. Can you please get behind us to fight for our rights and our land in court by donating to our fighting fund? 

The truth is we’re up against a multi-billion dollar company and a legal system that makes it very tough for traditional owners. We know we’ve got a strong, righteous case to run, but we’re not going to leave it at that. 

We’ll continue to fight for our rights through the courts, and look to international law if need be. We will visit investment banks around the world to stop the project getting funding. And if it comes to it, we will take our fight all the way to the United Nations. 

This fight will define our people and be a landmark moment for Indigenous rights and climate change in Australia. Can you help us defeat Adani by donating to our fighting fund? 

Adani think they can walk all over us but they’ve never seen anything like this. Our lands and our way of life, and the legacy of our ancestors, mean too much to our people to rollover. We are here to fight and we won’t stop until our land is protected. 

Adrian Burragubba, 
on behalf of the Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners Council 
for the Wangan and Jagalingou people 

Criminalisation of Free Speech and Double Standards | Dissident Voice

These opening paragraphs from the Dissident Voice post above show how close we sit in Oz to the Canadian govt’s obsequious relationship with the zionist lobby and Israel.

The BDS (Boycott Divestment Sanctions) Movement is a legitimate peaceful struggle against Israeli apartheid in an illegal occupation. But as we have known forever, one man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist…. Oh Canada…zero tolerance against rhetoric? Spare me….

“In what appears to be another attempt to suppress criticism of Israel, the Canadian government has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Israel which makes the claim that “the selective targeting of Israel is the new face of anti-Semitism” and declares that Canada will oppose those who support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

Shortly after the MOU was signed, Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney announced to the UN General Assembly that the Canadian government would exercise “zero tolerance” toward “all forms of discrimination including rhetoric towards Israel, and attempts to delegitimise Israel such as the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.”1

Malcolm and Me

My first knowledge of any connection between myself and Malcolm Fraser was when I took a closer look at some documents my father had handed to me with a simple “these are yours”. The documents included amongst other bits and pieces, my birth ‘extract’ and a letter to my father announcing my being awarded a Federal Commonwealth Scholarship to the tune of $200. The year was 1968, I was 15 and in fourth form at a state government High School. Fraser was the Minister for Education, (not that that meant anything to me at the time.)

My father was proud of my achievement and I remember a certain surprise and even awe (I thought maybe because I was female?) from others about my receipt of it. Normally they went to boys. The general surprise was probably due however to the fact that I was never a swot, always sat at the back of the class, had 1000 excuses for not having my homework and preferred talking to friends to participating in classes that were often extremely boring. Perhaps good reason for them scraping the award, IQ and brains do not always equal success as defined in the world of capitalism.

I missed the Whitlam years as I was hanging at the Roundhouse  in Nth London, watching live music, smoking dope and dropping acid. I had a great  job working with vulnerable kids from Tottenham and responsibly tempered my drug explorations to do the best job I could when with the kids at work. I loved my time there and to be honest thought little of Oz but the sea and the surf.

Aussie mates rocked up to our flat complaining about Malcolm the politician and how Gough was being cheated out of power. They brought me a “Shame Fraser Shame” badge which I wore with pride.

I didn’t vote for Gough as I considered myself an anarchist and had never signed up to vote. (‘Don’t vote it only encourages them!’). At 16, I was a member of the Geelong Moratorium Movement, a major force in the anti Vietnam War movement in Australia. Oh and I did register for National Service. Yes, I was female and therefore at the time ineligible, but my friend and I had male first names and thought we’d put a spanner in the system- don’t think it had much effect but it might have if my lotto ball had been picked out. I was reluctantly voted in as Treasurer to the Geelong MM by Trade Union officials who wanted a younger public face for the organisation so despite my protestations was convinced by my friends and I managed the meagre sum of $200, buying material and making huge antiwar banners with the proceeds.

Fraser’s parliamentary history during this time included (see full National Museum article here)

Fraser was Minister for the Army for two years from 1966 to 1968 in the coalition governments of Harold Holt and John Gorton. He was Minister for Education and Science from 1968 to 1969 in Gorton’s government and in William McMahon’s government from 1971 to 1972. He was Gorton’s Minister for Defence from November 1969 to 8 March 1971, when he resigned, accusing Gorton of disloyalty to him in a disagreement over the Army. His resignation set in motion McMahon’s successful challenge to Gorton’s leadership of the Liberals a fortnight later, resulting in Gorton’s replacement as Prime Minister by McMahon. Fraser was a member of the federal Liberal opposition executive from 1972 to 1975, and a spokesman on primary industry, then labour matters. He became Leader of the Opposition on 21 March 1975 after successfully challenging BM Snedden for the Liberal leadership.

Before leaving Oz in 1974 for the obligatory UK trip back to my roots, I used to go to a  libertarian talkfest with the anarcho-syndicalists in Richmond where we would fend off the reds who often came to convince us of their political worth. I also met with the Nth Vietnamese delegation in Geelong as a  Moratorium  movement delegate. Slight paradox there. I just remember them being friendly little guys. Oh yeah and I also met the friendliest biggest guy Dr Spock,  a soft spoken paediatrician and peace movement activist (and the cause of many a grandmother’s angst about her daughters child rearing influences. see here)

North Vietnamese Delegation April 26, 1973, with government minister Dr Jim Cairns (centre)  in the Sydney Town Hall (whose visit to Australia he sponsored),  replete with Viet Cong flags and a picture of  'Uncle' Ho (Chi Minh).

North Vietnamese Delegation April 26, 1973, with government minister Dr Jim Cairns (centre)
in the Sydney Town Hall (whose visit to Australia he sponsored),
replete with Viet Cong flags and a picture of
‘Uncle’ Ho (Chi Minh). On April 26, 1973, government minister Dr Jim Cairns (centre) shared a platform in the Sydney Town Hall with representatives of communist North Vietnam (whose visit to Australia he sponsored), surrounded by Viet Cong flags and a huge picture of dictator Ho Chi Minh. Photo, complements of the National Civic Council Conservative Christian Rag “News Weekly” founded by B.A Santamaria a blight on the Australian landscape. Read about BA’s role in the ‘dismissal’ here

On 15 October 1975, Fraser set in motion the events leading to Whitlam’s dismissal by the Governor-General when he announced that the opposition would refuse passage through the Senate of the Budget Bills until Whitlam called an election. Justifying this decision, he claimed revelations about the government’s attempts to bypass the Loans Council to obtain funds overseas indicated ‘extraordinary and reprehensible circumstances’ which warranted an electoral verdict on the government’s actions.

When the opposition, led by Fraser, refused to pass the government’s Budget Bills through the Senate in October-November 1975, (delaying the funding of government operations) Australia experienced its most severe constitutional crisis. Fraser said the opposition would not grant supply until the government called a general election. The constitutional and financial crisis climaxed when JR Kerr, the Governor-General, withdrew Whitlam’s commission as Prime Minister on 11 November 1975. ibid, National Museum site here

When I returned to Oz late 1976, Malcolm had won and we were in the hands of his ‘razor gang’. It was at that time that I noticed his signature at the bottom of the scholarship letter to my father. Malcolm had been Education Minister. This signature signified shame to me, as I recognised the pitiful amount being offerred by a member of Australia’s sqautocracy to support my father in the pursuit of my education while rolling back as many of Goughs achievements as they could in a climate of ‘fiscal austerity’. His silver spoon background, I did not share…

  • born in the exclusive Melbourne suburb of Toorak, Victoria, on 21 May 1930.
  • family owned property in the rich Riverina district of New South Wales and ‘Nareen’, a station near Hamilton, Victoria.
  • grandfather, Simon Fraser, emigrated from Nova Scotia in 1853 and became a land speculator and pastoralist, entered Victorian parliament, participated in the Federal Conventions of 1897-1898 and became a Senator at Federation.
  • educated at exclusive Geelong Grammar preparatory school, Toorak, Victoria, then Tudor House, Moss Vale, New South Wales, before going on to Melbourne Grammar at 14.
  • Oxford University, UK, graduate with a degree in philosophy, politics and economics.
  • grazier at family property ‘Nareen’ after returning from Oxford.

The other thing I realised at this time was that Malcolm and did share something – a birthday. Holy shit did that mean we might carry similar traits? Both born on the cusp of Taurus and Gemini….scary thought. Then, when on 14 October 1986, as the Chairman of the Commonwealth Eminent Persons Group, he was found in the foyer of a seedy Memphis hotel, the Admiral Benbow Inn (an establishment popular with prostitutes and drug dealers) confused as to where his trousers were and wearing nothing but a towel and a shirt and tie – I saw the funny side of that one. Whew, lucky for me he was a metal Horse and very different from my Water Snake! I thought I would have made the most of it till I saw the tacky joint! Its actually now a retirement home. (More laughs)

Admiral Benbow Inn (now a retirement home)

Admiral Benbow Inn (now a retirement home)

 Agreed, he welcomed in the Vietnamese boat people and finally showed a conscience. Where was he when the war was on?

He gave up his Liberal Party membership in protest against their move to conservative far right under Little Johnny.

He spoke out on Apartheid but history shows he did not speak out against the sporting nation of South Africa Rugby tour of Australia in 1971. (One of the most violent demo’s I ever attended and where after being searched by a dumb female cop, had a vivid pink sari with elaborate gold and coloured threaded pattern taken by her on the pretence that it could be a Communist flag!).

The 1971 Springbok Tour Melbourne Olympic Park demonstration Photo:

The 1971 Springbok Tour Melbourne Olympic Park demonstration

1971 was the UN declared International Year for Action to Combat Racism and Racial Discrimination. The McMahon Government announced its support, advising the Australian Committee to Combat Racism and Racial Discrimination that racism was ‘not acceptable to the Australian way of life’. But this did not stop continued sporting links between Australian sporting teams and South African teams, On the eve of the Springbok tour, six Australian players refused to play against a side selected according to race. McMahon called their behaviour a disgrace and vowed the tour would continue. Did Malcolm speak out? No. See here on McMahon government.

And did Malcolm do anything about East Timor? No, just like all the rest.

Lest we forget. Standing in front of a "memorial" to the five journalists killed in Balibo, Indonesian Foreign Minister Adam Malik talks with head of the ACTU, Bob Hawke, during his visit to Indonesia in April, 1976.  The deaths of the five men, Greg Shackleton, Gary Cunningham and Tony Stewart of Channel Seven and Brian Peters and Malcolm Rennie of Channel Nine, in Balibo on October 16, 1975, and the subsequent death of another journalist, Roger East, six weeks later in Dili, have been a source of embarrassment to the Indonesian and Australian Governments for many years.  The debt we owe the six men will never be paid.

Lest we forget.
Standing in front of a “memorial” to the five journalists killed in Balibo, Indonesian Foreign Minister Adam Malik talks with head of the ACTU, Bob Hawke, during his visit to Indonesia in April, 1976.
The deaths of the five men, Greg Shackleton, Gary Cunningham and Tony Stewart of Channel Seven and Brian Peters and Malcolm Rennie of Channel Nine, in Balibo on October 16, 1975, and the subsequent death of another journalist, Roger East, six weeks later in Dili, have been a source of embarrassment to the Indonesian and Australian Governments for many years.
The debt we owe the six men will never be paid.

Malcolm what more do I say…..bye bye ‘Cusp Man of Paradox’, maybe it takes a while to get rid of the spoon stuck in your craw when only the position of privilege allowed you to shine. Thanks for being big enough to change some of your spots, it gives me hope in others potential capacity.

By the way I have Gough to thank for my tertiary education, not you, but thanks for the $200 bucks- I scored a transistor radio from dad and it kept me sane.

‘National Security’ And Some Basic Priorities That Aren’t.

Responses to the Liberal’s ‘National Security’ agenda are interesting.

The Conversation has an article today titled ‘Abbotts national security changes are unlikely to make us safer’ and yet the opening sentance is “Prime Minister deserves the benefit of the Doubt that his intentions to further strenghthen Australia’s national security are good, well planned and most importantly justified.” The author, Clarke Jones, continues by going into how the proposed changes have the potential to exacerbate the underlying causes of violent extremism and further damage Australia’s cohesion. You can read the article here yourself. 

Clearly violence in the sense that is committed by the ‘Other’ is hot political tom yum at the moment and like tom yum leaves many people with either fire in their belly or a stomach pain. 

There are two more significant and basic issues I would suggest are more urgent food for the National plate.

  • The level of family violence within our communities

  • The level of youth unemployment

Both warrant significant government input and support rather than platitudes and lip service, cutbacks and ‘corporate buddy funding’.

Two great ABC programs on these topics have touched a nerve for me this week;

Last night’s Q&A on Family Violence, and the most recent 4 Corners report on Work Program rorting. Neither of the issues picked up by the programs are new, and in fact many Australians suffer from compassion fatigue in relation to the plethora of information that is out there on continued concerns around these issues. Both should be core business in any government ‘reform’ agenda. The victims, children, women and men who suffer as the ‘exceptional’ victims, deserve to be protected by our government who blithely make statements about our ‘protection’ being so important to them. ‘Death cults’ as so many tweeters suggested are not the priority.

When Abbott takes the stance of ‘our home is our castle’ in ‘fighting terrorism’ (somewhat of an oxymoron) or ‘shirtfronting Putin’, he embodies everything that sits underneath the endemic problem of male violence, against each other, women, children and community. Let’s face it the guy is a ‘bloke’ and likes ‘bloke speak’ he thinks it makes him ‘one of us’ and fails to see how it sets him apart. He is an embarrassment. Remember he is the ‘Minister for Women’!

Thanks Tony

I have worked extensively in the areas of sexual assault, child protection and family services. These are complex fields that require comprehensive service models and stamina from governments to persist beyond the political photo opportunity. Many of my colleagues are tired, they are angry at the government’s lack of insight and tap turning on the already pitifully low flow of funds that support agencies ongoing work. The liberal and labour shift under a neo-liberal agenda towards provision of social services from corporate enterprise rather than community networks has undermined much good work in this arena and simply depresses those who work in the field, with children, women, men, youth, families and communities.

The result of these policies? – human experience of deep suffering particularly in vulnerable ‘shadow people.’

The outcome of this bi-partisan neo-liberal agenda was painfully clear in the 4 Corners report ‘The Jobs Game’  (here) where the ABC program exposed the extent of taxpayer money stolen by many of the agencies who sit in the service sector now wrapped firmly around the unemployed. The program explored how “agencies have blossomed thanks to the privatisation of the Commonwealth Employment Service in 1998, and are thriving on contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars.” The program explored how, “unemployment is now big business in Australia with some $1.3 billion spending on its welfare to work scheme.” More poignantly, it exposed the suffering of people forced to undertake useless and soul destroying ‘training’ programs and regularly spend their time and transport money to meet with people who demoralise them and provide little to assist. Clearly Jobs vs jobless is the figure that needs rebalancing, but of course that is not on their agenda, it is in fact a good thing in the world of big business that the pool of unemployed remain a source of potential cheap labour.

(For a thorough look at the economic rationalist fallacies read Bill Mitchell’s blog. His article on the Job Services debacle here)

Job Creation scheme politics-government-jobs-creation-civil-public-cgon748_low-clive-goddard.jpg

Job Creation scheme

Again there are so many anecdotal tales of rort and subterfuge in this area, with some ‘providers’ being more honest than others and indeed reputable agencies choosing not to participate because it is contradictory to their values.

The program did not have a chance to explore the fudged numbers that then go to make up the government stats on under and un employed. It did not look at fair wage, it did not examine gender disproportion in wage levels, the ongoing casualisation of labour and the associated insecurities placed on the ‘less fortunate’. (Although QI touched on these power differentials in relation to male violence against women and the increased capacity of middle and upper class women to extricate themselves from situations of Family Violence)

The vulnerable are not only being exploited, but successive governments are continuing to use the people’s taxes to prioritise and implement their ill-thought policies, and worse, transnational pockets. The saddest thing about the failure to sincerely address these issues is the effects of government failure to act with foresight and forethought and to continue kneejerk responses that politicise genuine community concerns.

When government encourages and supports Big Business to spread it tenticles into basic human resources and social interventions like;

  • Our ground water sources.….

Where there is a demand for the trade of water across borders, it is already well underway. The trade in bottled water is one of the fastest-growing (and least regulated) industries in the world. In the 1970s, the annual volume was 300 million gallons. By 1980, this figure had climbed to 630 million gallons, and by the end of the decade, the world was drinking two billion gallons of bottled water every year. But these numbers pale in comparison to the explosion in bottled water sales in the last five years-over 20 percent annually. In 2000 over 8 billion gallons (24 billion liters) of water was bottled and traded globally, over 90 percent of it in non-reusable plastic containers……………………

Alongside the giants of the industry, such as Perrier, Evian, Naya, Poland Spring, Clearly Canadian, La Croix and Purely Alaskan, there are literally thousands of smaller companies now in the business. As well, the big soft-drink players are entering the market en masse. PepsiCo has its Aquafina line and CocaCola has just launched the North American version of its international label, Bon Aqua, called Dasani. CocaCola predicts that its water line, which is just processed tap water and sells for more than gasoline, will surpass its soft-drink line within a decade.

More on Coke:

  • Our Health and Welfare System

  • Our Energy ‘providers’

We are firmly in the grip of spin and corporate control and have to speak up.

Thank-you Auntie I was disillusioned with you, but you can still throw a curve ball. (Honourable mention to Media Watch!)

During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

George Orwell

Likud use vile electoral propaganda in their current drive to maintain power in Israel.

I just watched SBS ‘The FEED’ brief report on the outrage of Amman based Palestinian Hip Hop band, TORBYEH at the unauthorised theft of their music in a vile Likud advert for the upcoming elections in Israel.

Likud has hijacked on of the band’s  tracks for a deplorable ad that relates voting ‘left’ in the upcoming Israeli election with a vote for terrorism and connects the band’s song ‘Ghorbah’ (meaning ‘exile’ in Arabic) with IS.

Torabyeh’s track, ‘Ghorbah’ from 3 years ago, for your edification below

Yahoo News who I never like to quote, (but was lost for other reports) states;  (full report here)

  Torabyeh denounced the unauthorised artistic collaboration with the Israeli party’s “electoral propaganda attacking the so-called Zionist ‘left-wing’.”

“We strongly condemn and reject this ruthless infringement of intellectual property rights and the distortion of the reputation of Torabyeh,” the group said on their Facebook page.

They said use of their song in this context “implicates the Torabyeh group by containing serious accusations of terrorism and association with IS which is consequently putting the group’s members lives at risk”.

Torabyeh stressed it rejected “all forms of cooperation with the Zionist enemy”, and pledged to “take all necessary legal action against those responsible”.

The Likud advert shows the fear mongering behaviour of Netanyahu and his Likud goons. Sorry I can’t translate Hebrew (but not sorry really). But here’s the drum from liveleak…..

The video shows actors playing Islamic State terrorists driving in a white pickup truck with Islamic State flags waving from its windows on a desert road, as Arabic rap music plays in the background.They pull up next to another car and ask the (Israeli) driver how to get to Jerusalem and get the response, “turn left.”As the terrorists drive away, the “Anyone but Bibi” slogan can be seen on the truck’s bumper with the words, “the Left will surrender to terrorism,” and bullet holes appear on the screen. In the end of the clip the title shows “It is us or them. Only The Likud. Only Netanyau” The video is called: It’s us or them – Daesh version.
 (The) Left part(y) (sic) Meretz already demanded to probe the Likud for incitment in this political campaign ad”. See article here

The Likud Advert…..

The Tragedy of Uglegorsk: Exodus from the “City of the Dead”

Excellent Post- Civilians are just pawns, countries just strategic stepping stones and peoples wishes simply ignored. The Photo’s are precious inroads to what the people are feeling. Again excellent post

Original: Komsomolskaya Pravda
Translated by Alya Bailey / Edited by @GBabeuf
Photo credits: Aleksandr Kots, Dmitriy Steshin


The Militia opened a humanitarian corridor for the residents and organised the evacuation. The Ukrainian side did not want to let the civilians cross their front line.

People started leaving the town early in the morning. We ran into the first group of refugees already on Gorlovka’s outskirts. Packed cars with windows steamed on the inside and white sheets, scarves on aerials and mirrors. People had hardly any belongings with themthey escaped with only the clothes they were wearing and had filled the vehicles to the brim. Then we saw a few Urals with children in the cabs. The first transfer point is at the administrative building of one of the mines. Here, the Militia is checking ID papersa lot of Ukrainian soldiers are left in the city, hiding…

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