Syria: Aleppo IDP’s including Children Killed as U.S. bombs Syria.

So much for the US “air campaign” looks a lot like the Israeli one on Gaza where civilian deaths don’t matter if they’re Arab.

They apparently underestimated the terrorist threat in Syria and overestimated the capacity of their US trained Iraqi’s. Perhaps if they had not supported the Nusrats and their funders and perhaps if they had not trained the IS they wouldn’t be in this invidious position……of course who will say ‘WAR CRIMES BY US”

Will our Australian ‘top guns’ join them in bombing Syria or will the US send their UAE buddies to do the dirty work like they are in Libya?

Global Research Article link below.

Syria: Children Killed as U.S. Targets Mysterious Al-Qaeda Splinter Group Worse than ISIS.

Globalizing Gaza » Jeff Halper, CounterPunch

Another really thought provoking re-post.

This time on Israel’s  “Lawfare” legal campaign to prevent the International Criminal Court from taking cases of their violations of human rights in warfare. We have heard a lot recently about;

  • the lack of concern for civilian lives in Gaza – a violation of the ‘Principle of ‘Distinction’
  • the disproportionality of the Israeli attacks on Gaza – a violation of the Principle of ‘Disproportionality’

Both violations if proven in the court would constitute grave breaches of international law – these are the principles Israel wants to see ‘eliminated’  or ‘significantly watered down’ by creating new terms – “non-legitimate actors” such as “terrorists,” “insurgents” and “non-state actors,” together with the civilian population that supports them – so that anyone resisting state oppression can no longer claim protection. see article below by Jeff Halper

Globalizing Gaza » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names.