Abbott dangles our Uranium under the nose of Poroshenko Ukraine’s Fascist Dictatorship Masquerading As Democracy

Yesterday we saw a gleaming beaming Toe Knee Ah Butt dancing like a crazed Loki around Ukraine’s Poroshenko.

So he wants to sell them our uranium, the little man is sickening.

Recently Steve Lendman’s article was posted on the Global Research site…….let’s just see who our country is supporting.

Ukraine: Fascist Dictatorship Masquerading As Democracy.

His shirt front relationship with Putin, supposedly over MH 17 also ignores the Ukrainian airforce implication in the downing of the plane based on a dodgy lack of details, as a recent post from a fellow blogger shows.

Finally comedian Shaun Micallef’s makes delectable fun of Toe Knee Ah Butt  TV series on ABC “MAD AS HELL”