Farrago in the Age of Uncertainty

It has been a while.Feeling the need to do more than retweet and have disjointed conversations that are misread or misunderstood. 

I miss deep connection and honesty of seeing, listening, reflecting and sharing.

There is so much we dont know and so little we understand. Is it so hard to admit, to accept our own vulnerability? 

The march of the pigs is in full swing. Is it time to choose? If so is mediocrity a choice? 


But of course that needs quickly deconstructing so you wont get me wrong. I mean make an effort…dig get yourself dirty

From the comfort of the couch, people who should spend some time on the couch (to explore their own issues) spit vile aggression and righteous certainty about other peoples reality. They do this from the safety of anonymity through fingers on a keyboard in the prison that is lack of empathy. 

Empathy does not come from taking vicarious pleasure and feeling no pain.

I will not slide into that abyss.

Does this mean your opinions should be kept to yourself? I dont think so. How else do we grow wiser and not just growing to a point where learning becomes tedious and pushing the envelope too hard. 

Share opinions, listen feel learn. This life is complex. Opinions that deny this are dangerous. Let them he said but call them out for what they are-way too simplistic.

The simple – Us and them, black and white, good and bad, love and hate encourages the same antagonism as the academic reduction of complexity and chaos to false dichotomy. Easy to understand but no understanding.

I wont play. I am too tired and life is too short. Take me to the fractyl and I will leap in empty handed.

My word of the day – farraginary.


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