If Daesh, why not Zionist Occupation Forces? | Jonathan Cook’s Blog


Nice one Jonathon! Suppose you haven’t heard our PM insists on the term Dash Death Cult ( good name for a thrash metal band) and hasn’t yet renamed his own party as NEOCON Denyers of Truth And Global Entropy (DOTAGE).

In Ecuador, Fight for Mankind; In Greece, Fight for Greece!


As the Free West Papua ’embassy’ is constructed and a minute number of ‘ferrals’ support the cause of the ignored colonised and oppressed West Papuans by Indonesia…it is a situation likened to the East Timorese situation when the Australian ‘left’ looked away and let them suffer the oppression alone.
Andre Vitchek writes a piece on eurocentric ignoring and dismissing of the Equadorians – a thoughtful piece on where priorities come from and where they really lie.